This is a list of selected publications and preprints by the members and their collaborators.

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Bohmian Mechanics in General   [Back to top]

Quantum Equilibrium   [Back to top]

Scattering Theory   [Back to top]

Global Existence   [Back to top]

Classical Limit   [Back to top]

Weak Measurements   [Back to top]

Numerical Quantum Mechanics   [Back to top]

Identical Particles and Topological Factors   [Back to top]

Relativistic Bohmian Mechanics in General   [Back to top]

Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory   [Back to top]

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics in General   [Back to top]

Bell's Process and Related Processes   [Back to top]

Nonlocality   [Back to top]

GRW Theory   [Back to top]

Quantum Mechanics and Information   [Back to top]

Role of the Wave Function   [Back to top]

Philosophical Works   [Back to top]

Density Matrices and Foundations of Statistical Mechanics   [Back to top]

Historical Papers by Other Authors   [Back to top]

Miscellaneous   [Back to top]